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As an entrepreneur, one comes in contact with VAT rules. These VAT rules seem more simple than they actually are. An example of this complexity is how the Dutch tax authorities conduct their oversight of these VAT rules. They require the company itself to perform the controls and audits of the procedures. International transactions can cause the need to register with the tax authorities in a foreign country. These examples show that a specialized knowledge of the subject is needed.

Our VAT-ers are actively engaged with all aspects of VAT and are part of an international network of independent VAT advisors, such as the VAT- Forum and the IVA. Through these networks, we are informed of the latest regulations and ensure that our customers can make optimal use of all the possibilities under VAT law. We have a pro-active approach and will think together with the client about how to apply any new developments of the law within the concern.

Currently, we advise Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs, charities, non-profit organizations and clubs on VAT issues. Because we are completely independent advisors, we also advise large and small accounting- and tax offices regarding VAT questions by their clients.

In addition, we give seminars for the Registered Tax Advisors, the SDU, Kluwer and the NBA. We can also provide in-house presentations and trainings.
Lastly, we have also published books about VAT and have written articles regarding the subject. Please refer to the book section of this website. :

  1. Advising
  2. Interim
  3. Compliance
  4. Tax representative

We are experienced VAT specialists that can advise and help to optimize your company’s VAT position.
This can be achieved by solving a VAT technical problem or by helping to (better) streamline the VAT processes.
In addition, we can help improve your VAT position with transactions, for example real estate.
We are part of a large international network of independent VAT experts which can help find the best balance among all of the national VAT rules.

Our services include among others:

  • national- and international advice;
  • accompanying the client during VAT audits by the Dutch tax authorities;
  • conducting special VAT-scans to look for possibilities to save VAT or signal problems within the company’s administration;
  • support from a VAT perspective of new system implementations (Oracle and SAP);
  • advise regarding the tax control framework and the implementation within the company;
  • giving VAT technical guidance of transactions in the Netherlands or in a foreign country, for example real estate;
  • answer general VAT questions;
  • negotiate with the Dutch authorities;
  • conduct due diligence inquiries;
  • litigation;
  • provide for VAT education and presentations;
  • setting up of a Shared Service Center;
  • setting up of a European distribution center;
  • guiding a commission structure;
  • VAT planning (National and International);
If there is a need for temporary support of your VAT department, we can also be of service. We have experience as a (interim) company tax specialist. Examples of how we can help are:

  • setting up or guiding the implementation of a tax control framework;
  • maintenance of a tax control framework;
  • guiding the implementation of a new ERP system;
  • guidance by mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies;
  • setting up a Shared Service Center;
  • setting up a European distribution center;
  • supporting the tax department and/or CFO; and
  • replacing a temporary absence of your in house VAT specialist.

Almost every country has their own VAT rules. This also includes within the EU where the VAT is reasonably harmonized. There is the possibility that based on the local laws, local VAT must also be charged. Questions such as: which tariff is applied ,when does a VAT statement need to be filed and when should the VAT be paid. They all need to be answered correctly. Our available services include:

  • reviewing and filing the VAT statements, ICP and Intrastat returns for Dutch and foreign companies in the Netherlands
  • supporting Dutch companies by the filing of VAT returns, ICP and Intrastat returns in a foreign country;
  • filing refund requests for foreign VAT for Dutch companies;
  • applying for new VAT registrations in the Netherlands and in foreign countries; and
  • tax representation for foreign companies which are active in the Netherlands.

Our company, Het BTW AdviesKantoor Fiscale Vertegenwoordiging BV, can act as a tax representative for foreign companies. If a foreign company imports goods to the Netherlands, VAT is charged at the point of entry and only later can a refund be applied for. Only when a foreign company has a tax representative in the Netherlands, can the VAT charge be delayed until the VAT return is filed. The VAT charged is usually in the same return as the VAT deduction.

We provide the following services for foreign companies:

  • registration of the VAT;
  • the license to delay the VAT charge by import;
  • filing the VAT returns;
  • filing the “Opgaven Intracommunautair Prestaties”; and
  • filing the Intrastat return

It is possible to agree to a fixed price for these services.
If your company has questions regarding , for example, excisable goods, goods in bonded warehouses, ABC arrangements, applying the 0% tariff or the VAT invoice requirements, then you have found the right address to help you with these and any other VAT questions.

VAT and Doing International Business

This book explains the VAT consequences of common international transactions and looks at the consequences of providing services to customers outside the Netherlands.

The SME Advice Guide

Entrepreneurs in the small and middle-sized enterprises are continuously challenged to make the right choices. This practical book gives help with the issues which effect SMEs in a to-the-point, business-like and accessible manner.

The European VAT Handbook

This European VAT Handbook gives detailed and essential information per country about VAT in Europe.


“The VAT consultancy firm has proved to be an outstanding and solutions oriented partner concerning our VAT issues in the Netherlands and Europe. These solutions varied from reverse logistics to legal issues concerning the corporate bylaws. The team at Het BTW Advieskantoor possesses outstanding knowledge and has the ability to use this in a practical manner. They presented a tailor-made VAT seminar for our company and customized it for specific issues relating to our company. “

Dirk van Hilten – Global Tax Director Teleplan International N.V.
Amnesty International

Amnesty International works for the compliance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and for other international treaties and declarations for human rights. They investigate worldwide for violations of human rights and wage demonstrations and other actions to combat these violations.

“The VAT consultancy firm has helped us with our VAT problems which we, as a non-profit organization, have come across.”

Hans Schwarte - Department Administration/Finance Amnesty International

“Het BTW Advieskantoor guided our company in a very professional manner during a project regarding the taxability of our services. They conducted the negotiations with the Dutch Tax Authorities for us and completely took any worry away from us. Through their wide VAT expertise, they advised us well with the implementation of the VAT levy in different European countries. Furthermore, they continuously helped us with the optimization of our VAT-processes. Thanks to the high professional character of the Het BTW Advieskantoor, we consider the cooperation with them as being very positive!”

Diederik van Wijnbergen - Manager Finance EMS
Pacorini Metals

Access World B.V. (formally Pacorini Metals) is a logistic service provider and warehousing company with a worldwide network. Access World is a subsidiary of Access World Group with locations in Europe, Asia, Peru, United States and South Africa. Access World provides services for the whole supply chain management for its customers from factory to end user, storage and warehousing, distribution and transport en/or value added logistics (VAL), taking care of all services and formalities with the customs authorities.

“Het BTW Advieskantoor helped us to optimize our VAT-process and made us a VAT decision tree which we implemented in our ERP-system. With this decision tree, we made our ERP system VAT compliant.”

Jan Willekes - customs department Pacorini Metals

For a leading company in the clothing industry which sells via the internet clothing all over the world, we conducted all of the foreign VAT registrations. We analyzed and technically described the VAT aspects of the whole supply chain and set up models to meet with the foreign compliance requirements. This helped the company to obtain all of it compliance requirements worldwide. In addition, we advise proactively for any of their VAT questions. For example, on how to handle intracommunity deliveries and ABC-deliveries. In our business, one must be continuously alert and flexible. In short, we are an outstanding partner to help our clients through the dark woods of domestic and foreign VAT rules.

Clothing multinational

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